Yearbook Upload Instructions

Use the code on the right for either the NGES or NSS yearbook.

 For NGES (PreK through Grade 1)
use Yearbook Code: 11016N

For NSS (Grade 2 through Grade 6 Grades)
use Yearbook Code is 11017K

Step 1

Go to or click here.  

**Please be aware that you need Flash Player 10 to upload pictures.

Step 2

 Enter your yearbook code in the box provided & select login.

    • For NGES (PreK through Grade 1) the Yearbook Code is: 11016N
    • For NSS (Grade 2 through Grade 6 Grades) the Yearbook Code is: 11017K

Step 3

Once logged in you will first create a category to upload images into. This category could be named according to the event, class, grade, etc. After typing the category name, click on Create Category.

Step 4

 Now you are ready to select the images you want to upload. To do that, click the Browse button & navigate to your images.

  • To select a range of images for upload, left-click once on the first image you want, hold the Shift key down, & then click on the last image you want uploaded.
  • To select random non-consecutive images, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while you left click each of the desired images.
  • To select ALL files within one location, hold Ctrl button down & press A on keyboard.

Step 5

 Once you have selected your images & clicked Open, your images will appear on the list.

Press the Upload Files button to begin the upload process. Please note that you may go back & add more images to your upload queue by repeating Step 4. You are allowed a maximum of 100 images per category. Images can be removed from the list by clicking the red X.

Step 6

 Once you select the Upload button, the images will begin to be uploaded to the category you created. It could take a while to upload all the images based on factors such as your internet speed & computer speed. Once the upload is complete, you will receive the message “Image Upload Complete”.

If you would like to create a new category to upload more images, follow steps 3 & 4 after logging out, & then logging in again. If you are finished, select OK & then log out using the link above the upload queue.



Any questions on the image uploader or the yearbooks should be sent to the contacts on the right:

For the NGES Yearbook please contact Liz Spinney at and Holly McCormick at

For the NSS Yearbook please contact Martina Arndt at and Holly McCormick at

An alternate way to send in pictures is to email them to the following Yearbook email accounts: