Enrichment Coodrinators


Preschool Beth Foley
Kindergarten Deirdre Rakus
Suim Kwak
Lori Brosnihan
First Grade Diana Montville
Second Grade Stacey Hesselton
Lori Brosnihan
Tiffany Bubriski
Third Grade Allison O’Brien
Fourth Grade Cindy Brown
Laura Often
Michelle Liston
Fifth Grade Allison O’Brien
Sixth Grade Laura Often
Michelle Liston
Marci Palmer

If you are interested in becoming an enrichment coordinator or have question regarding this committee, please feel free to get in touch with us! We are in need of enrichment coordinators for grades preschool through sixth. Thank you!

Here is a description of this committee:
Each grade has enrichment coordinators to work with the lead teachers and plan enrichment activities for the grade. Each grade has separate field trips/assemblies. Coordinators are responsible for booking activities and finding volunteers to work events as needed. Coordinators will also be asked to help with publicity regarding events. These programs run throughout the school year.