About the PTG

What does NGES PTG stand for? North Grafton Elementary Schools Parent Teacher Group.

Collectively the parents, teachers, principals and staff work together to provide the best learning environment for the students of the North Grafton Elementary and the North Street Schools. We are a community of learners where academic, social and personal growth is valued and natured. Together we value: Respect for self, others and the school, a positive attitude towards learning, and a strong academic foundation. Upon graduating from our schools, we hope the students become respectful, productive and responsible members of our community.

All parents and guardians of students enrolled at the North Grafton Elementary and the North Street Elementary Schools are automatic voting members of the PTG. The principals, teachers and staff of both schools are also automatic voting members. All are welcome. There are no annual membership dues

The PTG provides a variety of educational and enrichment programs, as well as additional teaching tools and supplies for both schools. These are funded entirely by the PTG through fundraising efforts, generous in-kind and monetary donations from individuals and community businesses, and the much appreciated volunteering of time.

During the year, the PTG holds monthly meetings September through June. We welcome you to attend and value your input. Please feel free to reach out to one of the Co-Presidents at any time. We look forward to seeing you!

Supporting both schools:

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North Grafton Elementary School
46 Waterville Street
North Grafton, MA 01536

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North Street Elementary School
60 North Street
Grafton, MA 01519